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nut_free_restaurantHere are the reviews from fellow nut mums of nut allergy friendly restaurants in South West England.

Review submitted by: Louise on 22 September 2013.

“We had lunch at Pizza Express before visiting the National Maritime Museum. They were able to provide a nut free meal for our son and inspired confidence in how they catered for us (for example, the waitress came over after we had submitted our order and reassured us that the chefs knew my son’s pizza had to be nut free).”

The Merrymoor Inn, Mawgan Porth

We popped in for a drink and on the way out, I mentioned my son’s severe nut allergy to one of the staff and asked about the pasta and tomato sauce on the children’s menu. He checked with the chef and confirmed that the pasta (and to the best of their knowledge) the home made tomato sauce were safe for nut allergy sufferers. On our next visit, I explained the situation again to another member of staff. He, in turn, relayed the severity of my son’s allergy to the kitchen staff, stressing the need to make sure the pasta and sauce hadn’t been anywhere near nuts.”

Rick Stein’s Fish, Falmouth

Review submitted by: Candice on 28 February 2014.

“Went to Rick Stein’s fish restaurant in Falmouth in August 2013. We checked with the staff if their food was peanut free, and they made a note of my son’s allergy.

I forgot to double check the pudding, but the waitress remembered and came out to let me know there were almonds but no peanuts.

Very family friendly too.”

May we suggest Chandeliers.

Review submitted by: Carly Bartlett on 12 February 2014.

“We too have had success with Pizza Express. They were very reassuring throughout and there was never an issue or a problem that my son had a severe allergy. I did do my research before hand and read through their policies. I also called them before going down to make sure that particular restaurant wouldn’t have an issue. It does feel great when they are confident in dealing with this allergy. Its great when you speak to people who have an idea of how serious it is.”

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Rick Stein Seafood Falmouth UK
Rick Stein Seafood Falmouth UK

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