Ferryboat Inn

Ferryboat Inn Falmouth England

Distance 2.3 miles (3.7 km).

Duration: 1hr 10min.

Grid reference SW763268 to SW797278.

Walk 1: Park your car at Mawnan Church. Face the church and walk forwards bearing to the right of the lychgate and between trees. Walk down the track and shortly over a high stile beside a gate. Pass the graveyard and continue down the path. Follow the route signed 'Public footpath: Durgan'. negotiate the steps and bear right along the wooded descent above the river. Cross the stone stile into a field passing the NT omega indicating that you are now leaving 'Mawnan Glebe'. Continue across the field looking left to Nare Point and keep left to walk beside a fence until you see the Coastal Footpath sign. Cross another stile onto a narrower path as it descends. The beach below left is Parsons Beach. Proceed along the path as it drops gradually. Pass a wooden seat to your left as you enter level with the mouth of the Helford River. Walk due west along Mawnan Shear and pass Toll Point grid reference SW782268.

Walking map for The Lizard, Falmouth and HelstonNext pass through a little copse of fir trees and through a kissing gate to enter a field. Keep left to drop down the slope to another kissing gate now about 30 minutes into your walk. The beach below you is Porthallack. Pass through another kissing gate and onto the beach.

Make for the back of the beach and head up onto Trerose Estate property. If the tide is well out it may be possible to walk along the shore to the next beach westwards - Porth Saxon (Sawsen).

Climb the stile up the hedge at the back of the beach and enter the NT property of Bosloe. Follow the footpath west to Durgan through a gently undulating field. Leave the path as you meet the road. Walk down to the delightful waterside village of Durgan, arriving some 45 minutes after setting out. Take some time out here for photographs or a picnic on the beach - as we did.

Leave the beach and head inland on the left hand path. Look for, and pass Rashleigh Cottage, where you should pick up the waymarker once again. Climb up several steps to regain your former height above the coast. Cross a stile as you continue westwards into a field.

Mawnan ChurchIt is easy to follow the well worn route through the short grass. Pass behind Trebah Beach (Polgwidden Cove) by the unusual stepping stones and proceed through a kissing gate up the wide concrete path until you meet the marker post indicating you route now lies off to the left. Shortly the path enters another field with views across the river to Helford Village (left); ahead up the Helford River and below right to Helford Passage. Arrive outside the 'Ferryboat Inn' and your goal about 1 hour after setting out. Refreshments and Ferry Service over to Helford Village (summer only) are available here.

Walk 2: From your car at Mawnan Church, walk to the right of the lychgate, passing over a high stile beside a wooden gate. Follow the path as signed 'Footpath to Durgan but turn left at the first opportunity. Zig-zag your way down the wooded valley side, keeping to the obvious path. Climb up the wooden steps out of Mawnan Glebe. Pass above Shag Rock looking ahead to see large ships moored just off Falmouth. Now about 10 minutes into your walk you feel your surroundings are 'less Helford and more Falmouth'. As you leave Nare Point behind look across Falmouth Bay to the small white lighthouse at St. Anthony on the Roseland. Cross a wooden stile into a field and another leading to a footbridge as you near Prisk Cove.

Another field leads to the NT property of Rosemullion Head. Cross another stile into a field pock-marked in places with rabbit warrens. Pass around the Head taking the seaward path. Continue parallel with the contours making for the small beach at Gatamala Cove. Climb to a second NT omega as you leave their property of Rosemullion Head.

Yacht 'Duet' from Toll Point Porthallack Beach Approaching Porth Sawsen Beach Above Durgan

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Ferryboat Inn Falmouth UK
Ferryboat Inn Falmouth UK

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