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In Your Suitcase: Important travel tips

The issue of hygiene on trips is sometimes quite acute, especially if your trip takes place in Asia or South America. Not always in hotels or hostels, everything looks like in the pictures, showers and bathrooms can be quite dirty.

In order not to carry wet and heavy flip-flops, you can take several pairs of shoe covers. It is convenient to take a shower in them and do not mind immediately throwing them away.

If you want to sleep on a plane or bus, then earplugs will be more useful to you (it’s better to have a few pairs and on the ropes, as they tend to get lost).

If you are used to maintaining cleanliness during a visit to a foreign country, then perhaps you have encountered a situation where used wet wipes have nowhere to throw out. You put them in your bag, forget, as a result, your passport accidentally gets wet and all border stamps slowly blur. In any case, it is more efficient to use a sanitary hand gel for disinfection.

Jeans are the most practical clothes on the trip, but you do not need to take a few pairs to change them every day. One pair will be enough. You can take the old ones, a little ragged, which will not be a pity to throw out and buy new ones. Dark blue shades are the most practical. And it is better to do without an abundance of jewelry and holes on jeans, as you may not be allowed into some tourist places in them. For more important events, take boys church suits.

Remember that during the trip you will move a lot, sweat, and all the most beautiful, narrow and fashionable clothes will begin to rub very quickly. You also need to think about how and where to wash your underwear, since a set of underpants for all days will take half of your backpack. It is better to take care of buying sports underwear in. It’s also easy to wash and dries in just one night.

Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

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