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Our parish church and the port of Falmouth came into existence in the seventeenth century, after the English Civil War, and at the time when the monarchy was restored and Charles II became King.

What was the Civil War?

During the period 1642-46 there were battles in England between the Royalists, who supported King Charles I, and the Roundheads, who were supporting Parliament. Oliver Cromwell was one of the commanders in the Roundhead army. The Royalists lost the Civil War and in 1649 King Charles I was executed – the only English king to have died in this way.

How did Falmouth get involved?

The King’s son took refuge briefly in Falmouth Haven, as it was then known, before leaving the country. After a turbulent period during which England was governed by Parliament, and Cromwell rose to become its leader, the son was asked to return to restore stability. He was crowned King Charles II in 1660

Who were the Killigrews?

A wealthy Cornish family who had supported the Royalists during the war. They offered to give land at Falmouth Haven upon which a church could be built, dedicated to Charles I, if his son would provide money for the project and grant a charter for a town there. Charles II agreed. Sir Peter Killigrew laid the foundation stone of the new church on 29th August 1662.

When was the church finished?

It was consecrated in 1665.

Has it changed since then?

The church has been altered many times since the seventeenth century. It is now a light and spacious building with high, barrel ceilings and a fine organ.

As for Falmouth, it has grown into a bustling port, university town and popular holiday destination with a resident population of about 20, 000 that swells to many more during the summer.

Can I visit the church?

Yes, of course. We try to keep it open from 11am to 3pm on weekdays during the summer, but see the Visitor Welcome team page of this web site for more

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